Eastern Motors is known for its community-driven activities within the city of Al Ain. What are your goals in terms engaging with Al Ain residents? 

As the Al Ain subsidiary for ALFAHIM Group, we firmly abide by the core values of our parent company and its corporate social responsibility programs. In line with that, Eastern Motors is committed to contributing to the country’s vision, particularly when it comes to promoting sports, healthy living styles and reaching full inclusion of People of Determination within Al Ain community. With 2019 being declared the Year of Tolerance, we are in parallel with the UAE’s national message of coexisting in a diversified society. 

What events and activities has Eastern Motors participated in to promote sports and healthy living styles?

We represent an array of brands at Eastern Motors and it is important for us to ensure we are aligned with the brand promise our products offer. For example, we sponsor multiple sports tournaments throughout the year by partnering with various entities in Al Ain, such as: Wadi Adventure’s W.A.R., off-roading customer events in the desert, among many others. Moreover, we foster the same sportsmanship environment internally by organizing sports events for our staff and being a part of corporate tournaments. 

What activities have you participated in to help the UAE in integrating People of Determination?

Following the group’s strategic partnership with Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care & Special Needs (ZHO), Eastern Motors tied up with the Al Ain Equestrian & Golf Sports Club (AEGSC) to help in heartening the emergence of People of Determination athletes starting with ZHO’s World Shooting Para Sport World Cup which took place at the end of February. 

Eastern Motors is honored to serve the generous humanitarian mission of ZHO, inspired by the UAE’s wise leadership. 

We have been a passionate and committed supporter of the World Shooting Para Sport World Cup since 2016 and working closely with the AEGSC to ensure the success of their competition and all involved in it. As the official automotive sponsor, we provided a range of premium Mercedes-Benz vehicles for transportation.  

What are your future plans with further engaging with Al Ain community?

Throughout the year, we consistently seek ways to engage with the community through strategic partnerships with nonprofit or government entities, as well as participating and endorsing Al Ain-based events relevant to our business expertise.