AAESS Opens new automotive garage

Al Ain English Speaking School is celebrating the opening of its brand new automotive garage at the school!   Yes, you read that correctly! Not satisfied with just delivering the academics, Executive Principal, Andrew Thomas said, “We are looking at expanding the wider curriculum for our students, both in school time and in our extra curricular activity programme.  

I think it’s invaluable to give our students such opportunities as these are outside of the normal academic programme”.  The garage, which is fully functional with all the tools and equipment that you would expect to find, including an inspection pit, is teaching the students the basics of changing tyres and oil, as well as car maintenance.  However, there are some bigger projects afoot.  Principal of the Secondary School, Zaheer Abass added, “We are very excited with our tuk tuk project.  

Over the course of the next year, students will be involved in making 3 tuk tuks which will be used by our sites and buildings team, to help them move heavy equipment easily and with speed around the school.  Plus, the students will get to see their work in action”.  Students from Year 6, have already started learning about how engines work, as well as being able to literally get their hands dirty, by working on our cars.

Thomas added, “Mr Jordan who is running this department has produced some lovely ideas and concepts within this area and we are excited to see how far we can really push it”.  The school intends to also build sand buggies with the students, and enter into national and international competitions for engineering and technology

Students at the school are very excited by this concept and opportunity, allowing them to learn valuable life skills as well as the technical components of, where we have such a high volume of students here already since opening”.