Al Ain Zoo reduces operating hours

In line with the ongoing efforts and precautionary measures taken to limit the spread of Covid-19, Al Ain Zoo has temporarily suspended all events and experiences in order to maintain sufficient social distancing and reduce crowds. Essential services such as transportation including food and beverage outlets will remain available during this period.

Operating hours in Al Ain Zoo has been reduced to 8 hours, with the new timings start at 10:00am till 6:00pm, these steps fall in line with the UAE’s comprehensive efforts to combat the virus, protecting the health and safety of guests and members of staff, as well as the rich and diverse animal population at the zoo, around 4000 animals 30% of which are listed as an endangered species.

Omar Mohammed Al Ameri, Director Operations in Al Ain Zoo said: “guests can still enjoy their day at Al Ain Zoo; visiting all the exhibits and touring Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre. some services are still available to all guests, this includes shuttle and renting mountain bikes. The latest booking will be scheduled at 5:00pm with evacuation beginning at 5:30pm, while Al Ain Safari will suspend activities, we invite the public to follow the updates about the zoo before their visit through our social media platforms and website.”

The zoo recommends that visitors take advantage of the 10% discount through electronic ticket-booking option as a part of implementing the precautionary measures and reducing the crowd density.

Al Ain Zoo is one of the leading organizations to combat the spread of Covid-19, taking quick and decisive actions to protect guests, staff, and the animals through implementing all precautionary measures and has garnered a global commendations for its efforts in conserving nature during the pandemic ensuring work continuity and success under the difficult circumstances.