Awesome ideas to make staying in as good as going out

No matter how long you›ve been with your honey, it’s no secret that Valentine›s Day can be stressful. Now with the added pressure of Covid, a special night out or in is going to require even more thought and planning.

We have put together some top ideas for those wanting a cozy night in.

Indoor picnic

Create a romantic setting with candles and flowers and have your very own indoor picnic.   Go the extra mile and get an exotic cheese platter from Jones the Grocer or a tray of chocolates from Chocolala.

Netflix and chill

Have a Valentine’s Day PJs and movie night.

Purchase some new, matching pjs and relax watching your favorite movie.

Of course, add some popcorn and drink from fancy glasses!

Get Photogenic

Dig out an old, large picture frame and take some silly pictures.

Create a video keepsake!

Every time my husband and I chat about “how we met” we both get a little bit mushy.

Make a video together and the sparks of romantic memories will fly!

It’s just a precious keepsake to give your kids one day too!

Play Valentine’s Day Twister!

Have a chocolate fondue

Melt some chocolate discs in the fondue pot and dip anything and everything you love to snack on in the chocolate.

Try chocolate-dipped strawberries, blueberries, pretzels, and the list goes on!

Write A book about your spouse

Grab some heart-shaped post-it notes, brainstorm and write a book about your spouse in 20 minutes.

Use the sticky notes to brainstorm and then use the additional sticky notes to write a short biography.

Include short and sweet chapters to describe your spouse’s life!

You can later type and print these out for keepsakes!

Create an at-Home Spa

Add a few candles, massage oil and some facial masks, you can create a night of pampering for you and your sweetie. You can surprise your partner with a new foot spa and a few massage tricks you›ve picked up on YouTube.

Learn a Dance Together

If the last time you two danced was at your wedding, plan an at-home date night that centers around getting down. Look up step-by-steps on YouTube and spend the night learning the cha-cha or the foxtrot. You’ll end the night a little lighter on your feet and full of laughter. 

Make a Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Making breakfast in bed may be an oldie, but it’s definitely a goodie. Wake up before your Valentine and surprise them with pancakes made from scratch. 

Ask Each Other Questions

This Valentine’s Day, open up a little and connect on a more intimate level by getting to know your partner even better. Even if you’ve been together for years, you›ll be surprised to find there’s probably something you didn’t know about your loved one.  

Map Out a Future Vacation

Just because you›re staying home this Valentine›s Day doesn’t mean you can’t dream of faraway places to visit when Covid allows. Print out maps and photos and spend the night planning either a real or dream vacation.

Create a Scrapbook of Your Travels

How many times have you returned from a vacation only to never print out your memories? Cuddle up and spend this Valentine’s Day reminiscing about all the adventures you’ve taken together. Make a scrapbook of all of your memories so you can share them together for years to come.