Dr Khalid Al Nuaimi Specialized Clinic opens in Hili Mall

With the rise of social media and the ever-increasing need to compete with the “beautiful people”, The Source headed down to the newly opened Dr Khaled Al Nuaimi Specialized clinic in Hili Mall to weigh in with Dr Khaled himself on this hot topic.

The clinic is a state of the art medical centre designed to the highest international standards. Beautifully appointed suites house different therapy zones for a multiple of different treatments. In Dr Khaled’s words, his aim is to always be the best. They have the best equipment, latest technology, latest procedures and no expense has been spared. “When it comes to health you cannot accept anything less than number one” explains Dr Khaled.

We use only the best products as we achieve the best results. You cannot put a price on that and I am a doctor first and businessman second.”

Dr Khaled feels there needs to be more education around some of the treatments being offered so that the public can learn to differentiate the fake products and treatments currently available. There are many unprincipled practitioners that are offering fake products at discounted rates which end up having disastrous results for the patients. A fake filler can do tremendous and often irreversible damage. This can be life-changing if it is somewhere like the face.

Dr Khaled explains that his aim is always to improve the image of his patients without people being able to notice they have had a procedure. “I want to make people look like they did 10 years ago, not for everyone to see they have had their lips done. My work is subtle. I am an artist.  With every client, we design a range of synergistic treatments based on their desired outcomes. Our role is to enhance the natural beauty and because of that, I refuse to entertain unreasonable requests from people trying to move outside that natural beauty. There is an art to what we do.  I have many clients that require the utmost discretion and they come to me because they know they will look amazing without people being able to see what procedure has been done.”

Q: How important do you think it is to look good nowadays?

A: It is a reality of the world we live in that we need to look our best. It has been proven time and again that image plays a role in success. We help people maintain that image that in turn builds their self-confidence and makes them feel and look good.

Q: Do you only see women patients or men as well?

A: We are seeing an increasing number of men coming for treatments and facials. Taking care of yourself is almost becoming a workplace requirement now.

Q: I have seen some movie stars that look awful after they stop using botox and filler. Is this because it damages the skin?

A: Not at all. Treatments merely help slow the aging process. They don’t stop it. So if you are used to seeing someone that has been having treatments for ten years and then they stop completely, the result will be more shocking as it will seem they have aged overnight. The result you will see is their normally aged face which you are not used to seeing.

Q: Do you only do aesthetic treatments here?

A: No, we do man other treatments for example treatment of fungal infections in diabetic patients. We have one of the best machines to assist with this.

About Dr Khaled Salem AL NUAIMI

Dr. Khaled Al Nuaimi started his life in medicine in Al Ain Police medical services/UAE. He finished his police training in Abu Dhabi Police Academy as an officer and he became later on a medical director and acting chief of services. After he finished his Arab Board of Dermatology and Venereology specialization, he moved on to TAWAM Hospital in Al Ain/ UAE (the largest tertiary medical Centre in the country) as a Specialist Dermatologist. Later on he joined Al Ain Hospital/ UAE and became the Chief of Dermatology service in Al Ain Governmental hospital / UAE. Now he is concentrating on his private practice as a Consultant Dermatologist.

Dr. Khaled now is the founder and the president of the “ Middle East International Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Conference “ MEIDAM which held annually in Dubai / UAE. Dr Khaled travels regularly to train and lecture all over the world.

About the Clinic

DR. KHALED AL NUAIMI SPECIALIZED CLINIC; a state-of-the-art dermatology clinic specializing in the newest proven skin treatments and most advanced non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

We offer the most innovative, safe, highly effective treatments, alongside a five-star service. Setting gold standards in clinical excellence, our philosophy is to provide the best, individualized care in the safest environment while delivering outstanding results. With the vision to be one of the top clinics in United Arab Emirates, our most trusted medical team and highly skilled staff will continuously work to create a safer atmosphere within the aesthetic industry and will assure that we only use most advanced FDA and CE approved technology and products from the most renowned suppliers in the industry.

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