Garden City British School commemorated Breast Cancer Awareness month by holding an Awareness Day on the 10th October 2019.  

The school’s reception area and hallways were lit up with pink ribbons and balloons, while students, teachers and parents were all proudly dressed in pink.  

The day commenced with its usual assembly which started off with the singing of the National Anthem… what followed this, definitely had a ‘touch of pink’. 

Students from various grades performed dances and recited poetry all focused at raising awareness around breast cancer.  A parent of one of GCBS’ students, Doctor Liaquat Bibi from NMC Hospital delivered an informative talk which had the little ones captivated from start to finish.   

After the assembly and before returning to their respective classes, the students, teachers and parents gathered outside the school auditorium where they released pink balloons into the sky.  The balloon release was performed in solidarity with those fighting cancer, in memory of those who lost their battle to cancer, and in salutation to those who won the fight against cancer! 

Throughout the school day, all classroom activities were centred round breast cancer awareness.  During break time, the students had a pink cupcake bake sale, a Pink Carpet selfie booth photo opportunity and also offered manicure services to teachers and parents.  Each pupil was also requested to donate 5AED towards the day’s campaign.  All funds raised on the day were donated to a local cancer centered charity organization.

Through poetry, music, art, drama and the fun activities of the day, the students of Garden City British School were educated on the topic and gave back in a meaningful way towards the fight for a cure.

Principal Jaana Wilkko said the main aim of getting students involved was to:

-Talk to students about cancer in such a way that they would understand some aspect of the fight against cancer.

– Educate the students on the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle

– Show the students, that by giving a little as a community, we can make a big impact on finding/funding a cure for cancer  or indeed any worthwhile cause.

After the school day concluded, the teachers of GCBS concluded with a 20 minute silent walk alongside the wadi outside the school, proudly carrying a banner stating their support for Breast Cancer Awareness.  This intrigued motorists passing by so much so that they were waving and chanting words of support from their vehicles as they drove past the teachers doing their walk.

“Cancer is very close to my heart as my daughter’s mother-in-law has been going through this. Hence, I feel it is very important to create an awareness in the community of the importance of not just being aware but also to take action by ensuring early diagnosis which is the best way to deal with it. At Garden City British School, this is one of the reasons why we promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle as this is the starting point to combat cancer.” – Jaana Wilkko, School Principal

“The presence of cancer was something that I have been in for more than a decade. I have some of my close friends and family who have either succumbed to it or have gloriously survived it. At Garden City British School, we feel that it is important to have children and adults be a part of this so that, in our own little way, we will play our part in being responsible in making the society aware of this intruder. While doing so, we wish to stand is solidarity with those dear ones across the globe who are suffering from cancer and commit to pray for their healing.” – Joseph David, School Vice Principal

The parents and teachers of Garden City British School did a phenomenal job of raising awareness among students, and together they all stand in hope of finding a cure!