Kanad Hospital Sponsors Pinnacle Sports

As we begin a new term for football at Pinnacle Sports Al Ain, we would like to thank Kanad Hospital for sponsoring our players with a new kit. We appreciate this new partnership as we look forward to a successful and exciting 2022 football program which will have recreational and player pathways with some possible camps, tours locally and internationally.

Representatives of Kanad Hospital Dr. Ralph Leo ( Kanad Hospital Board Chairman), Dr.Greg Neal – Kanad Hospital CEO and Dr. John Birky – family physician met Pinnacle Sports representatives Gilmore Saaiman and Rob Botes to hand over the kits.

Managing Director Gilmore Saaiman says the aim of the project is to contribute to the development of football in Al Ain whereby we will be delivering the social, health and community benefits that are well-recognized from community participation in support for sporting teams and competitions. We would like to unite local communities around the common interest and provide role models for young people to participate in exercise and organized team sports. Lastly to play the vital stage in the player pathway for talented junior footballers on their way to international representation and provide the opportunity for development and promotion of women and youth.

Some of the benefits for sportsmen and women are:

Better Emotional Health

The nature of sports teachers’ children valuable lessons about struggling and triumph in the face of adversity.

Improved Physical Health, Confidence and Self-Esteem 

Through working hard, winning, and coming to know their own abilities and capabilities, confidence and self-esteem in your child will soar.

Forges Social Bonds and Teachers 


Football is a team sport and it teaches children how to work with their peers towards a common goal. Working as part of a group and spending time with their peers will help them with making social connections that stay with them throughout their lives. Whether they play with the same group of teammates throughout the program they’ll be learning how to contribute to a common goal, manage their time, take direction and commands from a team leader, and more.

An international football program can help children to form friendships and bonds that they may have otherwise never experienced.

Builds Leadership Skills

Not only does participation in a youth sports activity teach the best way to follow commands and take direction, it also provides players with the opportunity to demonstrate leadership themselves.

Football produces players who are much more well-rounded and adaptable, able to think quickly on their feet and to develop a plan of action. 

It should go without saying that these are very desirable traits for players to bring with them in their lives, aiding and assisting them not only throughout their time as soccer players (boys & girls), but also in school, work, and their relationships.



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