Mediclinic in Al Ain going to the next level with top notch management team

With the medical landscape in Al Ain constantly evolving and improving, The Source caught up with Phillip Tyler, director of Mediclinic Al Ain and Mediclinic Al Jowhara hospitals, to find out what new offerings he will be spearheading at Al Ain’s flagship Mediclinic facilities.

Why did you chose to accept the job at Mediclinic in Al Ain?

At the time I was working for Spire in London UK, a sister company of Mediclinic, and so I was excited to join a world class healthcare organisation.  I now have colleagues across the UAE, South Africa and Switzerland.  I raised my family in the Middle East and it was always a highlight of the year to bring my three sons to the annual rugby festival in Al Ain.

Within Mediclinic it is an honour to manage our healthcare business in Al Ain as this is the home of the Emirates and we care for families with centuries of history in this beautiful city.

What is the current strategy for Mediclinic in Al Ain region?

Mediclinic sees healthcare changing rapidly with new technologies from genetic medicine to artificial intelligence, but our mission remains the same, to provide the best possible clinical care tailored to the individual needs of our patients.  Mediclinic is unique in Al Ain with a network of two hospitals and four clinics and we are always looking to see how this might be expanded.  We also look to continue to attract the best doctors and clinicians – a new catheterisation laboratory, the region’s best neurosurgeons and paediatric specialists are some of this year’s new additions.  Finally, we know that Al Ainers demand the best and so we continue to invest in upgrading our facilities with 5 star VIP rooms in our hospitals, and more to come.

How is Mediclinic contributing to the healthcare economy?

At Mediclinic we feel very strongly about really becoming part of the community and a big part of that is our commitment to supporting and developing UAE Nationals through training, learning and research.  We have fostered a strong relationship with the universities here in Al Ain and are passionate about our commitment to placing Emirati candidates in roles where they can thrive.

What do you feel puts Mediclinic ahead of the pack in terms of quality?

Mediclinic is a worldwide network that operates on a “Board to Ward” monitoring system.  This standardisation ensures that you are getting the same level of care in any Mediclinic facility anywhere in the world.  The importance of such standards cannot be stressed enough in an industry like healthcare – especially when you have professionals coming from such diverse training backgrounds.  With Mediclinic you can be assured that all of our staff are constantly monitored so if a particular physician has a higher than usual “return to ward” rate, that will send up a red flag that we can deal with.

Overall I think what makes Mediclinic so special is the culture that we are a family, and like a family we take action together.  This attitude shows in the way our staff interact with the patients.  When people feel cared for it is easy for them to care for others.  We also encourage our staff to really act as role models from a health perspective and we constantly have internal programs to ensure that our staff are doing all they can to maintain health and balance in their personal lives that can help inspire our patients.  I would like to take this opportunity to invite Al Ain residents to find out more about the educational outreach programs we have and the support we can offer to the community by following our social media or visiting our facility. 

Philip has a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities from Manchester, UK and undertook his Management Studies in Greenwich, UK. He has over 30 years’ experience in healthcare management, of which 20 years have been in the UK with the NHS and private sector. He worked for 10 years in Qatar managing healthcare facilities such as cancer and pathology centres. Prior to joining Medicinic Middle East, he was Hospital Director for Spire Thames Valley Hospital and Windsor Clinic.

Philip likes running, football and scuba diving.

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