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Out & About: Bait Mohammed bin Khalifa

By Lakmee Sendaheera

Right across from the Al Ain Rotana hotel, you can find the newly restored home of the late Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Nahyan. This historic house was built in 1958 was the home of the father-in-law of the lat HH Shaikh Zayed Al Nahyan, founding father of the United Arab Emirate. During his time, the late Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Nahyan kept traditions alive by opening his home to the community. This communal approach made his house a landmark in Al Ain. Now, after being carefully restored by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, Bait Mohammed bin Khalifa is open to the public and ready to continue its legacy as a community space for all.

Today, visitors to Bait Mohammed bin Khalifa can find an exhibition on the Life and Legacy of the late Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Nahyan. This permanent exhibition is open seven days a week and free for all visitors. The exhibition gives an overview of the historic home,  architectural details of the house, and other cultural sites of Al Ain.  As you walk through this interactive, bilingual audio and visual exhibition, you can enjoy a fascinating look into the daily life of the late Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Nahyan and learn about his interests like the management of palm trees and falconry. Visitors can also listen to the oral histories of elderly Al Ain residents about their experiences of living and working in Al Ain in the past.

The Community Center

After the renovations, several of the rooms in the House are now set up to function as community space.  Some of the rooms have been transformed into small meeting rooms, classrooms, a large studio, and a multi-purpose space. These spaces are ideal for hosting your next meeting, team-building session, bespoke art session with friends, movie night, or social gathering. Please contact the Bait Mohammed bin Khalifa staff for details on equipment & facilities available in each community room, rental costs, room bookings, and any other questions you may have.

Phone: 03 711 8335

Opening Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM (Saturday to Thursday) and 2 PM – 10 PM (Friday)

Location: Across from Al Ain Rotana, Zayed Bin Sultan St – Al Mu›tarid – Abu Dhabi


RFLCT Creative Arts Center

A visit to Bait Mohammed bin Khalifa is not complete until you stop by to explore the rest of the site. To one side of the courtyard, you will notice a newly added building structure with a café and an Art Center. 

When you walk into RFLCT Creative Art Center you are sure to find original artwork on display by prominent and up-and-coming local artists. At RFLCT they offer an impressive selection of creative art workshops for kids and adults. Their experienced instructors can deliver sessions in Arabic and English and they are keen to make your art experience as creative and relaxing as possible. All workshops take place at the RFLCT studio or in one of the community rooms at the House. 

Here are some of the workshops available in Al Ain*:

  • Mixed Media Art
  • Resin Art
  • Acrylic Pouring 
  • Collage Art
  • Oil Painting
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Soft Pastel Color Painting
  • Coffee and Saffron Painting
  • Embroidery Workshop
  • Arabic Calligraphy
  • String Art
  • Henna Art 
  • Drawing for kids
  • Fabric Painting
  • Decoupage Art
  • Art Medication
  • iPhone Photography
  • Basics of Digital Art
  • Ceramic Flower Sculpture
  • Terrarium Planting
  • Bath Bomb Workshop
  • Flower Arrangement
  • Crochet for Beginners
  • Guitar & Oud Lessons

* RFLCT Abu Dhabi Branch catalogue may vary

To find out about workshop dates, timing and prices or any new workshop request you may have, please contact RFLCT Creative Arts Center Al Ain:

WhatsApp: +97150 181 5454  


Notes Café

Notes cafe is well situated beside the House, facing the courtyard with a nice view of Mohammed bin Khalifa’s house. There is also outside seating, a pleasant option for the winter months. They serve all-day breakfast and more, including cold drinks, a great selection of coffee, sandwiches, salads, along with main entrées and delicious desserts. 

Daily 8 am – 11pm (03 753 1517).

If you are planning a visit, please note, as with any public place in Abu Dhabi, Bait Mohammed bin Khalifa heritage complex requires Green status on your Al Hosn App to enter the site.