Out and About with the Fantastic Grand Jeep Cherokee Limited Edition

The Grand Cherokee has definitely moved to the top of my wish list after a weekend out and about, putting it through its paces.  In town, it handles like a dream, sticking to the road as you accelerate through a roundabout and eating up the miles effortlessly on the open road.  An exceptionally smooth and quiet ride, I never expected it to handle the way it does off-road.  Everything that the vehicle does seems effortless, including reversing up a 45-degree incline without so much as an increase in revs.

An outstanding family car, it has all the extras to make luxury meet necessity.  Ample space in the back means that those weekend camping trips, shopping trips and carting kids to and from school are done with ease.  Keyless entry means no more scratching around your handbag when you get to the car.  As long as the keys are nearby, you can enter by using the button on the door handle.  

An idiot-proof blue tooth set up allows you to easily connect your phone without using a cable and for Apple users, there is a Siri activation button built into the steering wheel to allow for handsfree phone operation.  The car also has voice command capabilities allowing to adjust the temperature, volume, etc.  This was a huge hit with my daughter who took great delight in constantly changing things throughout the trip.

A handy feature for summer is the remote start allowing you to cool the car down before you get into it.  I found that the car practically drives itself and leaving the settings to auto for functions like the lights and offroad modes mean that you can concentrate on just enjoying the ride without having to do anything.  Another great feature I found useful is the automatic location update (no more taking a picture of my parking bay). As soon as you connect your phone, the car automatically registers it’s location so you can find it on those long shopping trips to Dubai Mall.  Anyone who has lost their car – for me, it is usually Dubai Mall or the World Trade Centre – will definitely appreciate this feature. 

The full spec sheet with all the bells and whistles is available with the review on the Sourceonlineme website but what I want to highlight here is that the Grand Cherokee is fantastic value for money considering all the features that are available to you.  An excellent, reliable, durable family vehicle that is going to take you wherever you want to go on the road and off with ease to help you get out and explore this amazing country all of us call home.

If you are looking for a new vehicle, do yourself a favor and test drive the Grand Cherokee before you make your decision as I can assure you that it will be worth your time.

Happy Driving.


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