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    JR Wills is a registered legal consultancy specialising in helping non Muslim expats to register their Will in the UAE. They take people from the vulnerable position of having no valid Will, to the security of having an individually tailored registered Will that is valid across the UAE. JR Wills simplifies the process and makes registering a Will accessible for Expats. They personally advise clients, draft specialised Wills, translate, and prepare all court documents, submitting your application on your behalf and taking all necessary action in order to gain approval, and complete the registration of your Will.

  • Royal Veterinary Centre

    Al Ain’s only fully equipped modern veterinary clinic, boarding facility and multi service pet care centre. Situated on a large property with big outside grass and sand areas for dogs to play and socialise off leash. All our staff are highly qualified and experiences in all areas of pet care. We offer preventative health care for pets, with a fully equipped surgical room, laboratory, x-ray and dental machines. We also offer boarding for dogs, cats, birds and small pets, grooming, relocation services, behavioural training and advise, retail and much more. Whether you are bringing your pet with you from overseas or have acquired one while here in the UAE we can help with any aspect of its care and welfare. Our centre was opened in 2016 specifically to cater to the needs of pet owners living in Al Ain. العيادة البيطرية الحديثة الوحيدة المجهزة بالكامل في العين. مرافق داخلية ومركز رعاية الحيوانات الأليفة متعدد الخدمات. جميع موظفينا مؤهلين تأهيلاً عالياً وخبرات في جميع مجالات رعاية الحيوانات الأليفة. نحن نقدم الرعاية الصحية الوقائية للحيوانات الأليفة ، مع غرفة الجراحة مجهزة بالكامل ، والمختبرات ، والأشعة وآلات تنظيف الأسنان. نحن نقدم فندق للكلاب والقطط والطيور والحيوانات الأليفة الصغيرة ، الاستمالة ، خدمات نقل ، والتدريب السلوكي وأكثر من ذلك بكثير. سواء أكنت تحضر حيوانك معك من الخارج أو حصلت على واحدة هنا في الإمارات العربية المتحدة ، يمكننا المساعدة في أي جانب من جوانب رعايته ورفاهيته. تم افتتاح مركزنا في عام 2016 على وجه التحديد لتلبية احتياجات أصحاب الحيوانات الأليفة الذين يعيشون في العين.

  • La Dolce Vita – Yoga, Art ? Music Center

    La Dolce Vita – a yoga, art and music center that is located in the heart of Al Ain City, with an eco-friendly, vintage chic backdrop. We offer activities that allow our community here in Al Ain the chance to live a healthy lifestyle and to improve memory and productiveness. Our activities can also improve mindfulness – the ever-fashionable way to relax! We offer classes at different times throughout the day to ensure everyone has a chance to step back from their everyday life and try something new at a time that suits them. The LDV Team are on hand throughout the day to ensure you are being well cared for and all your needs are met. Services: Yoga Zumba Capoeira Salsa Pilates Music Lessons Dance Classes Arts & Crafts Painting Lessons Recording Studio Mission: To provide our community with a space to develop their yoga practice, mental well-being and sense of community. Through the mediums of music, yoga and different arts we aim to encourage people to develop their interests, find new ones among us and to engage in stimulating activities throughout the year. Vision: To inspire creativity, peace of mind and innovation within a community of healthy, happy people.