Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre welcomes visitors with a film

The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre (SZDLC) welcomed its visitors with the display of “Arabian Desert Vision” film, which captures the legacy of ancestors who survived the harsh desert environment amid visual effects and natural scenes of biological diversity and spectacular animal species. 

The 13-minute film will be displayed on one of the largest cinema screens across the country. Upon arrival to SZDLC, visitors will have opportunity to see a creative artwork that represents the Emirati environment, its transformation from a desert into a great haven and celebrates the capital’s rich biological diversity. The film will be filled with the best sound effects and fine visual details, which take the viewer’s gaze. 

Muneera Jasem Al Housani, Director Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center in Al Ain Zoo, said: “Situated in the heart of Al Ain Zoo, the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre is an important educational facility since its establishment in 2016 that combines knowledge and learning through interactive exhibits, multimedia and visual materials. SZDLC organizes various activities and programs that attract different segments of society regardless of their interests and specializations.” 

She added: “Visitors will be able to watch the film throughout the day as per the schedule in the Centre. SZDLC has achieved the five pearl rating of the Estidama Pearl Rating System (PRS) in the design phase and received a LEED Platinum certification. The Centre accommodates 258 persons with four places designed specially for people of determination and a screen with 4K technology. As part of the Centre’s efforts and preventive measures against the pandemic, and to ensure the health and safety of all visitors, the maximum number of visitors allowed to access the threatre will be 53.” 

Visitors at SZDLC will be able to view all film scenes live on ground through five interactive galleries, which are designed by world-class experts to be among one of most significant tourist destinations that attracts visitors of all ages and ensures providing them a true picture of the United Arab Emirates natural, cultural and historical environment. 

 It is worth mentioning that Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre includes two other theaters in addition to the main theater. The Sustainability Theater, which introduces the visitor to the importance of preserving the environment and reaffirms Sheikh Zayed’s vision and his confident outlook towards the future. The second theater is the Desert Dynamic Theater that takes the visitor on a journey into the nature of the Emirates with its distinct details and sheds the light on Abu Dhabi’s rich biodiversity that has a wide variety of plants and animals.