Want to change your body but don’t know where to start?

Sitting in the golf club restaurant across from Fraser, it is hard to believe that he was once a “skinny beanpole”.   UKBFF Current classic bodybuilding national champion and

2  X British finalist, skinny is not a word that you would associate with the Fraser of today (pictured below).

Having a degree in Kinesiology from Texas, Fraser has both the academic background as well as the sporting experience (resident golf pro at AESGC) to fully understand what it takes to transform your body long term.    A great believer in discipline, commitment and accountability, Fraser’s program has almost 100% success rate.

As stated on the FM Physiques website : “we provide a service to the minority want to look and feel different. Those who want to diet 5 days a week and eat what they want at the weekend need not apply.”

It›s this personal accountability that key.  People are paying to get the tools on how to transform themselves which will intern change their lives.  They will feel better, look better and generally feel happier in their own skin.  It’s not a short term fad but rather a way of life to help you maintain the changes that you achieve.

Fraser is very clear on the parameters and reiterates that he is not a personal trainer.  The only personal interaction is at the start of the program in the form of a 30 minute consultation.  Thereafter everything is done remotely via the app and a virtual coach.

During the consultations, your expectations and time lines to meet those expectations will be discussed.  Based on that discussion, Fraser will tailor an eating and exercise plan that suits the individual.  His bespoke approach to the individual is what creates the transformation process far easier.  

Everyone’s metabolism and body shape is different. As the weeks go certain foods and exercises will be replaced if your body is not reacting favourably. There is a genetic element to the way you look but everyone when given the right programming can have six pack abs and a body to be proud of for some people it just takes time. 

The diet has a good mixture of foods (which you will choose) so this will be easy to adhere to and wont feel to restrictive. You should never eat things you do not like, if you get sick of something it comes out. Gone are the days of chicken and broccoli every meal! ​

As Fraser says, “If there is an easy way to be in 3D shape everyone would be. No component of transforming the way you look is extreme or in fact difficult at all. The part that trips everyone up is the consistency and balance.”

You can check out the fmphysiques instagram account for more on some of the transformations that have been achieved through this process.  If you are ready to stay committed and put in the work, then a brand new you is literally only a few months away.  For more information or to book a consultation with Fraser visit:

About Fraser

•         AGE, 40

•         MARRIED, to Gillian Mclaughlan

•         TIME IN UAE, 10 years


Have been a professional Golfer since 2004 but always visited gym regularly. Entered and won an ‘average joe’ body transformation competition for Men’s Fitness magazine 6 years ago. Competed in my first bodybuilding show 4 years ago and have competed in 6 since. Best result to date was winning the UKBFF Classic Bodybuilding Championship in 2018. Had won 3 runner up medals in National events as a junior golfer so it was funny to become a National Champion at a different sport 20 years later.


I would say the main skill it has given me is organization. To be in competition shape you have to be on the ball 24 hours per day. To be successful you have to eat, train and even sleep at the exact same time to make sure your body responds favourably to the high demands you place upon it. This regiment has transferred to my work and even family life and his made my quality of life better every year.


Although I studied sports nutrition at University from 1996-2000, I only started applying it to my everyday life around 6-7 years ago. In this time, I have felt better and more productive every year. I have also found out that it doesn’t have to be as restrictive as people may think. It took me a long time but I can confidently say I have found a nice balance. The thought behind the business was to help other people find the same thing. I have worked with around 160 people in the past 12 months and having people reach out and say I have had even the smallest part in an upgrade to their quality of life is awesome. This is something I don’t think anyone would tire of.

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