What kind of a passenger are you?

They can be your great mate at the wheel of a car – or they can literally drive you to despair! New research reveals car passengers who tend to annoy you can fall into one of seven categories, with backseat drivers, snoozers and chatterboxes among the most irritating!

The holiday car rental experts at StressFreeCarRental.com have researched some of motorists’ biggest pet peeves that they encounter on the road, revealing pesky car companions at the top of the list. 

Car companions who would describe themselves as ‘human satnavs’ or those with particularly weak bladders are described as some of the worst to be stuck with giving a lift to. 

No matter how irritating these people may be, experts are urging motorists to think smartly when it comes to driving with disruptive passengers to ensure safety for everyone in the vehicle at all times. 

A spokesperson from StressFreeCarRental.com said: “Motorists around the world will all have fallen victim to one of the seven categories of passengers at some point in their driving lives.

“From the ones who can’t stay awake to those who can’t stop talking, irritating company can be one of the biggest downfalls when it comes to having a car. However there are a few things you can do to ensure as little disruption as possible when it comes to driving around your friends and family.”

Backseat drivers

Often labelled as the most annoying passengers, these motoring know-it-alls will spend the whole journey telling you what speed you should be travelling at, what gear you should be in or what lane is best. 

When faced with one of these pesky passengers, make sure to remind them that you have planned the route, are aware of the roads and speed limits and that you would appreciate your driving not being commented on.

Nauseous travellers 

If providing a lift for anyone who suffers from travel sickness, make sure to prepare ahead by keeping a couple of sick bags in your glove compartment. This way, your car companion can reach for a bag whenever they are starting to feel nauseous. 


A snoozy car companion can sometimes become an annoyance for those who are driving tired. Making sure that you are always well-rested before driving should help beat the irritation. 

Weak bladder

Everyone has that one friend who can’t make it a whole journey without requesting a rest stop. Before allowing any friends to enter your car, clever motorists should ask all passengers to have a trip to the bathroom before entering the car. 

Lead singers

Those who use the passenger seat as centre stage for their one-person show, singing very loudly, missing notes and getting lyrics wrong, can cause great annoyance to drivers.

Any motorists who find themselves in the overwhelming position of sharing a journey with a karaoke enthusiast should consider turning off the music and instead playing a podcast or audio book. 


The last thing drivers need when trying to focus is a passenger who doesn’t know when to keep quiet, especially if you are trying to listen out to your satnav. 

Make sure to let your passenger know that it is important you can listen out for the directions your sat nav is giving you. 

Human satnavs

No matter how confident on the road you may seem, there is always that one passenger who claims to know the route far better than you. They will go out of their way to let you know the best way to go and where all the shortcuts are. 

Irritated motorists have no other option than to reinforce that they know exactly where they are going and have planned a route ahead of time that you will absolutely stick to.